Hey guys!

I’ve been playing independent, flash and html erotic games for some good years now. The sex appeal of these games make them way more interesting to me than ‘regular’ games. My two major sources of erotic games has been Lesson of Passion and VDate Games. But lately I’be been finding some indie developers on Patreon that develops some amazing games.

The idea behind this blog is to tell a little bit about each game that I play so I can keep tabs on them and give my thoughts about each game. Everyone has a different taste, so an erotic game that I don’t like, you might love. And the opposite is true too. But I’ll try to categorize.

This blog is a humble try for me to keep tabs on the games I play. I’ll host it on wordpress for now because I don’t know how far I’ll keep doing it (I have a problem with focusing). Eventually I’ll try to make things more neat.

English is not my first language, so I apologize for any grammatical errors. I hope you enjoy the blog!