Adventures of Tara 0.05 (by Reepyr)


In Adventures of Tara, an adult RPG game  created by Reepyr (Patreon page) you play an arrogant female student in a magic school (any Harry Potter references here?) that sees her life turn upside down by some blackmail from another student. Finding yourself with the prospect of getting expelled from the school you have no choice but to accept his demands. Tara, who has never touched a cock before is about to explore her sexuality, against her will.

Too much routine, too little action

Really, I almost killed myself in boredom from playing this game. It’s still the beta version, but Reepyr needs to cut down on the routine stuff and add more action and more choices. On the version 0.05 of the game you play one week in Tara’s routine, and have to go to 4 classes everyday, listening to endless teacher’s lectures that are boring and really needless (isn’t this an adult game, after all?) and when you get home you have to do homework, going through Tara’s thoughs on each subject before going to sleep.


The sex

There are not many sexual scenes in the game so far, and most of them are not full actions (some nudes and some handjobs here and there). I like when the heat goes up slowly, but the problem in Adventures of Tara is how much magic BS you have to go through to find them. But the sex scenes that we have are really good, and Tara’s body is well designed.



There are some creepy scenes like sucking the cock (and being fucked by) of a Goblin who is blackmailing you (yeah, there are a lot of blackmailing in the game)



As a whole the story is quite good, and the few sex scenes are nicely designed, but the loops of tasks really kill the vibe of the game. Given that this is a beta (or alpha) version, I hope Reepyr will fix this for the final versions of the game. If we have more actions, more choices and less magic lessons, this will turn out a quite nice adult RPG game.

You can download the game and contribute in Reepyr Patreon page.


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