Adventures of Tara 0.05 (by Reepyr)


In Adventures of Tara, an adult RPG game  created by Reepyr (Patreon page) you play an arrogant female student in a magic school (any Harry Potter references here?) that sees her life turn upside down by some blackmail from another student. Finding yourself with the prospect of getting expelled from the school you have no choice but to accept his demands. Tara, who has never touched a cock before is about to explore her sexuality, against her will.

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Stranded with Benefits

You find yourself in a desert island after a ship wreck. Quite a cliché, right?

That’s the plot of Stranded with Benefits, an RPG Maker MV game developed by Daniels K., and funded in Patreon.

Clichés aside, the plot of the game is amazingly good. After a couple of days on the island you find out about some weird things that are happening around you and find some interesting characters on the island.


Stranded with Benefits was my first contact with RPG Maker adult games, but the platform seems to be quite popular nowadays between developers. As you can see below, you navigate around with an above camera, with some quite simplistic graphics, where you develop some tasks like grabbing plants so you can build certain items on the island.


Where are the sexy girls?

Well, the erotic part of the game happens in the pop up graphics like the one below. By the way, the art is stunningly beautiful.


For my taste the game is is way too linear and novel like. I like games where I have more options that lead to different things. But I played the 0.5 in development version, so I don’t know if it’ll be fixed in the future versions.

The sexual content


The few sexual scenes that are in the game are not very interactive, but are really perfect. Theirs hands and feet are so sexy!

Wraping it up, Daniels has given us a really nice plot with some nice potential. WHen I play the final version this post will be updated.